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Whether you’re a B2B business, B2C business, influencer, or somewhere in between, the chances are you would like to see a higher social following. This is especially ideal considering there’s a good opportunity to turn those followers into leads and those leads into customers. However, generating a solid social following can be increasingly challenging for a B2B business. 

A great way to build awareness for your brand and increase your “digital groupies” is to showcase your creative and innovative packaging; because design is a universal language across all industries. Who doesn’t love a great piece of art?

But aside from posting product packaging photos with a catchy caption, what are the best ways to increase your social media following with packaging? Read our blog post below for some great suggestions for using your packaging to create a social following any rock star would be envious of.

QR Codes

Despite starting in the early 2000s, QR codes didn’t gain popularity until after 2011 and continued to grow steadily. Then, their popularity skyrocketed in 2020 due to multiple businesses temporarily closing with the pandemic.

Since then, QR codes have become a popular tool with many brands. Their popularity is due to the ability to quickly and efficiently catch customers’ attention with digital, video, and audio content. In addition, the QR code’s interactive content gives customers next-level experiences that can be accessed with a simple phone camera.

QR codes can effectively boost a brand’s social media following when used correctly; all you need is creativity, imagination, and willingness to implement new ideas.

Social Media Icons

How will consumers know to visit, like, and follow your social media pages if they don’t know you have one? The short answer is they won’t. Implementing social media logos that your brand is a part of on your packaging is one easy way to accomplish this. In addition, with social media platforms’ logos being so recognizable, you eliminate the need for wordy URLs.

Be aware that each social platform has rules and regulations for using its trademarked logos. So, research and follow their logo guidelines when creating your packaging.

This trend has a long history of success when used correctly. So many brands use this tactic today that finding a product on the shelf that does not display social media icons would be challenging.

Augmented Reality

When paired with physical packaging, augmented reality platforms are an exciting new tactic in the marketplace and a great way to drive consumers to your social pages and increase social following. 

Augmented reality packaging campaigns are already in use by some major brands. Interacting with consumers in the real world and on social media is the main advantage of this packaging. However, you don’t need to be a multi-billion dollar company to take advantage of this tactic.

Augmented technology has come a long way since its initial birth into the marketplace, and so have the applications that allow brands to implement them. This means some level of the technology is also available and affordable to all business types, even smaller businesses.

Video Content

Currently, there are minimal examples of brands embedding video screens directly onto a product’s physical packaging.

However, other, more practical tactics exist to utilize video in harmony with your product’s packaging. These tactics allow you to interact with your customers in a fun and unique way that results in an immediate boost in social engagement.

For example, you can have a QR code on your product’s physical packaging that, when scanned, shows the customer an unboxing video of that exact product.

Social Following and Packaging Can Work Hand-In-Hand

It’s pretty apparent, in today’s world, that social media platforms are a great form of free (or paid) advertising that can increase exposure and interest in your brand and product. Well, now it can work the other way around where your packaging can boost your social media following with various doable tactics.

When both sides are correctly used, this creates a smooth circle of growth of followers, both in the real and digital worlds.

Pioneer is Your Go-To for Innovative Packaging that Demands Attention

We’ve been an industry-leading innovative packaging expert for over 35 years, and we never stop innovating. Our designers work alongside you to ensure your packaging appearance is uncompromised and represents you and your product. So, whether you’re looking to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty or boost your social media following, we can create a design to highlight and enhance your marketing efforts.

Contact us today to learn why we’re a trusted packaging design and innovation leader.

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