Improving Packaging Efficiency

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On time production has never been more desirable which is why efficient packaging is so critical to help further the speed of completion by eliminating problems. Efficient packaging solutions leverage smart automation practices to increase efficiency and allocate staff to more pressing areas.

Packaging companies and manufacturers have been driven to robotics as the latest technology when it comes to efficient packaging through automation. By automating certain tasks on the assembly and packaging lines, the rate of productivity rises while gaining two major benefits: Low cost operation and a faster return on investment.

Here are other factors that show why efficient packaging through automation are vital to a 21st century packaging company.

Eliminate Unnecessary Errors

When it comes to packaging pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and medical devices, there can be a higher rate of mis-feeding and other incomplete actions when there is a lack of automation and further emphasis on human production. Automated packaging can help reduce that human error by using the latest machines and technology to do the tasks. Reorganizing employees to other parts of the productivity line can reduce waste and put their valuable resources to good use.

Less Time

Less than a decade ago, product changeovers posed downtimes of up to three hours. With new technology, these downtimes have been reduced by an incredible amount. Instead of waiting hours, product changes can be done within twenty minutes.

Reducing Injury

When it comes to the human aspect, automated packaging can help reduce injury to employees. A main injury that is seen is carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is a lifelong injury sustained by the compression of a nerve in the wrist mainly caused by repetitive motions. The more obvious benefit is the reduction of grave injury in the workplace, which can result from consequential human error. When repetitive motion tasks and assignments that increase the likelihood of accidents can be replaced by an efficient packaging solution, injuries can become obsolete.

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