How Many Face Masks Are in the Ocean?

Face Masks in ocean

As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, many healthcare professionals recommend wearing face masks to properly protect yourself and others from its spread. Due to our heavy use of face masks, we’ve also seen a negative impact on our environment, particularly in our oceans. The question remains, how many masks are in the ocean and what can we do to help?

Face Masks Impact on the Ocean

Divers from the French non-profit, Opération Mer Propre, found an alarming amount of waste containing dozens of gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer bottles under the mediterranean sea. The amount found was massive, and it showed a new kind of pollution that must be taken care of before it gets worse. 

The non-profit has released several photos of the masks in the ocean to sway people to use reusable masks and wash their hands instead of using latex gloves. The organization believes there are so many alternatives out there that plastic isn’t the only solution against COVID-19. 

Make Sustainable Choices

To counteract the COVID-19 waste that is impacting our environment, we need to utilize more sustainable solutions. The LA Times has highlighted a few to consider:

  • Transition to a reusable cloth face mask
  • Use reusable bags
  • Buy in bulk
  • Bring your own reusable containers to pack up restaurant leftovers
  • Double-check what you are throwing away

This is only a fraction of what you can do to ensure you are taking the right precautions against the pandemic, but also being environmentally sustainable. 

Pioneer Packaging Is Here For A Sustainable Future

At Pioneer Packaging, to do our part for a sustainable future,  we’ve partnered with Allet to produce reusable face masks for any sterile environments.. Each mask is constructed with antimicrobial fabric and an additional fabric behind it to make it machine washable.
If you are in short supply of antiviral masks and are looking to become more sustainable during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us today to order reusable face masks.

Interested in Ordering Masks?

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