Have the Full Package with Food Delivery

A large Take Out sign hangs in a dim room

Did you know packaging for the foodservice industry is constantly changing? In fact, it’s due to more sustainability options becoming more available, the increase of food delivery services, and the increase in the number of people eating take out. This directly affects the packaging industry because people expect their take-out meals to stay hot or cold within the delivery time. The packaging industry has to find ways to utilize smarter food packaging. Here are some things your company can do when purchasing takeout food packaging:

Use Compostable Packaging

The easiest way to be sustainable in food packaging is by having compostable packaging. Manufacturers are not allowed to produce food packaging containers that are made of recycled components because of FDA regulations. However, to be sustainable, you can look into compostable materials so that you can be environmentally friendly when the demand for takeout food packaging is rising.

Engage in Smart Concepts

One of the coolest things about takeout packaging in this day-in-age is smart packaging concepts that use advanced technology. Food providers are now able to put temperature indicators on the packaging so customers will know their food will be hot before even opening it. On the flip side, customers can also see that their cold foods stayed cold within delivery time and will be fresh and safe to eat.  

Consider Reusable Packaging

Consumers love food packaging that is reusable and resealable. It makes storing leftovers easy and can be used as a great marketing opportunity. Providing take out boxes that have your logo on it gives your brand more exposure in consumers’ households. There are many options and different ways packaging companies can incorporate a reusable feature.

Take out food packaging can be one of the more challenging variables for restaurant owners and grocers. With changing food trends in the way that people enjoy their meals, Pioneer is here to help you have the latest and greatest in food packaging technology. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about takeout food packaging.

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