Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day from Pioneer Packaging! Did you know, it is estimated that around 62% of the population in the United States celebrates Valentine’s day and, on average, spends $13.9 billion? Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity for businesses to get more sales through festive gift packaging.

In fact, the most popular gift are boxed chocolates.  58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased on Valentine’s Day. Most of these chocolate products come packaged in heart-shaped boxes. 36 million heart-shaped chocolate packages are sold around Valentine’s Day. Online retailers are starting to offer personalized packaging for their boxed-chocolate products, adding that extra special touch for that extra special someone.

Flower Bouquets are the second most purchased Valentine’s Day gift. The most popular flower sold on Valentine’s Day is red roses. Around 250 million roses are sold during this holiday. The two most important factors in handling fresh flower deliveries are speed and refrigeration. Temperature-controlled packaging and expedited delivery options are the key to delivering flowers fresh and on time.

Pioneer is here for all your Valentines Day needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your business is in need of Valentine’s Day packaging.

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