Get Some Space

A display of different dairy products in a grocery store

At Thanksgiving the dinner table is cramped as family members pile up to share in the celebration of thanks. While maxing out space during the holidays is okay, the same can’t be said for your packaging.


A product’s packaging is much more than a simple box that carries the product from warehouse to a store shelf. It also has to operate as a marketing tool that nurtures customers along their path to making their final purchasing decision. Here are three key takeaways for increasing space on your packaging and attracting customers:


  1. Many products are kept in a traditional clamshell package due to its tamper-evident and tamper-proof qualities, yet the clamshell all-plastic design makes it difficult for displaying the eye-catching graphics and logos that draw the customers.
  2. The excessive plastic also creates a glare from the store’s fluorescent lights, making the product and graphics hard to see.
  3. When customers can’t see the brand names, unique graphics and product details that they are looking for in a purchase, they are likely to pass by the product and move on to the next.

Have a full house for the holidays but keep things spread out and clean on your packaging.

From all of us at Pioneer Packaging, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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