Five Sustainable Packaging Trends to Watch For in 2019

A packaging machine with a large roll of tape on top

One of the core tenets of  Pioneer Packaging’s business philosophy is our unwavering commitment to encouraging eco-friendly solutions that help empower our clients by delivering sustainable solutions that have a minimal impact on our planet. We’re tracking five factors we feel will positively affect sustainable packaging in 2019:

  • Spurred by environmental concerns and powerful, effective regulatory policies put in place by governments, demand for eco-friendly packaging will increase significantly.
  • Technological advances in green packaging materials that reduce the harmful toxicants that contribute to global warming will eventually lead to brighter outcomes in our collective quest to slow the deleterious effects of climate change.
  • Higher production costs associated with producing that eco-friendly packaging will have a negative impact on profit margins, which in turn will hinder innovation for the sustainable packaging market for the foreseeable future.
  • People aren’t always aware that there are a variety of sustainable packaging options available to them, which has hampered the growth of its use. Proactive steps taken by governmental entities should lead to an uptick in the adoption of green policies on a wider scale.
  • A regional analysis shows that the United States is leading the way in promulgating the adoption of eco-friendly policies, with several companies leading the charge to make them more palatable to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Several nations in the Asia-Pacific region are also considered to be among those offering lucrative solutions to the green packaging arena.

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