Edible Plastic Rings

At Pioneer Packaging, we keep you updated with all the latest news in the packaging industry. Right now a trending topic within the packaging industry is how companies can participate in sustainable packaging to help the environment. As we have said in our previous blogs, sustainable packaging is becoming more and more popular because consumers are wanting to have a positive change on the environment, starting with the products they buy.

There have been several instances of marine life being harmed by 6-pack plastic rings to hold beers and other canned drinks. The circle shaped rings are a death trap for turtles because they get stuck around their shells and end up having unnatural growth and development. A study was done that said over 1 million marine animals are hurt or killed in a year because of the trash in the ocean.

A brewery in Florida decided they wanted to make a positive change. The company created a 6-pack ring that was edible to marine life animals to help reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean. This way animals are not harmed if a 6-pack ring is in the ocean or if it gets stuck around them. The brewery is encouraging beer and drink producers to buy these innovative new rings so companies can start mass producing them.

Pioneer is here to change the world for a better tomorrow. Our green initiatives for eco-friendly packaging help the environment by reducing waste, using recyclable materials, and lowering energy consumption. Is your company participating in sustainable packaging? Contact us today and see what green packaging options are available for your company.

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