eCommerce Packaging Should Protect Products from Shipping Hazards

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The popularity of online shopping is on the rise and eCommerce packaging has an important role beyond representing your brand on a customer’s doorstep. Your product is something to be proud of when it leaves your facility, but what customers care about is the condition of their order when it reaches its final destination. Your eCommerce packing needs to protect your products from shipping hazards in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and secure future orders. 

Pioneer Packaging is the go-to source for quality, cost-effective solutions that withstand transportation hazards and deliver your products as they’re intended. Whether you’re just starting a product line or updating your current one, our team is capable of handling any size project you need. Read our blog post below to learn more about how your eCommerce packaging can prevent shipping hazards. 

Importance of eCommerce Packaging

According to a recent report in Forbes, nearly eight out of every ten Americans have said that they shop online. After a customer finds the perfect product online, places their order, and patiently waits for that “delivered” notification, little will disappoint them more than receiving a damaged product. The eCommerce shipping journey has three times the amount of product touches between warehouse and delivery compared to traditional bulk shipping. Manufacturers need packaging that they can rely on to protect their products through a mix of circumstances.

Shipping Hazards to Keep In Mind

What does packaging need to protect against in order to make a product’s journey safe and efficient? There are many hazards that any eCommerce packaging needs to protect against on the path to the consumer:

  • Rough handling of products: The most significant hazard for eCommerce products during delivery is rough handling. Since many people handle a package throughout its journey to the customer, it is susceptible to mishandling like shakes, drops, tosses, and crushes. If anyone on the package delivery chain has poor handling techniques or doesn’t understand your product, your products could be damaged. 
  •  Improper warehouse storage: When your package is stored at a warehouse on its route it is susceptible to improper stacking and temperature levels that are either too high or too low for your product.
  • In-transit stacking: When in transit your package has the potential to be stacked under a heavy delivery or to fall from the top of a stack in a truck. Make sure your packaging accounts for these potential transit hassles.
  • Vehicle vibration: Vehicle vibration in your package’s transit could cause the product to move around within the packaging. Packaging needs to secure fragile products to mitigate damages from vehicle vibration.
  • Changing temperature and humidity levels: Products that can be damaged during temperature or humidity changes need packaging to account for any condition.

How to Protect Your Ecommerce Products

Creating a packaging solution that is unique to your product and your eCommerce business will protect your goods from any hazard that may occur from order to delivery. Mapping your eCommerce journey can help you to predict what types of conditions and hazards your package needs to be able to withstand. This can also help you to determine where the incident occurred should your product arrive to the customer with any damage. 

Once you have mapped your product’s journey you can develop a test protocol that simulates the actual conditions encountered. Package tests are a great way to ensure your packaging has what it takes to protect your products from hazards and identifying the type and intensity of hazards makes it possible to decide on the packaging tests needed to create the most appropriate package design. 

Pioneer Packaging is Your Partner in High-Quality Solutions

Pioneer Packaging has the resources and experience to provide clients with total packaging solutions from design to delivery. These resources serve multiple industries, including food and beverage, medical, and automotive. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the experience your customers deserve!

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