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In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of creative packaging in order to stand out and grab consumer attention amongst competitors. With most digital media being streamed through the internet, it is crucial for the DVD and Blu-ray industry to have something special to motivate consumers to purchase their tangible box sets. To inspire consumers to buy DVDs, TV studios have made creative packaging for special edition DVD series box sets. Here are some examples of creative packaging that was either effective at engaging consumers or fell short:

Breaking Bad
The Breaking Bad box set is an eye catching design. All the discs come stacked inside a black barrel, mimicking the ones used in the show. The Breaking Bad logo is imprinted on the outside of the barrel, as well as color printed on the inside. The individual DVD cases also double as coasters decorated with screenshots of the show. The box set has a lot of hidden details in the packaging that the creator of the show explains through a video to make fans feel as though they are part of the series. We score this: A

This DVD box set comes as a plain white head, and the only way to access the discs are by opening the forehead. Although the concept is unique and can grab consumers’ attention, the packaging was not executed correctly. The plastic is cheap, which made it prone to shipping damages. With Pioneer, we want to make sure your packaging is creative, without giving up the functional use to avoid making consumers angry. We score this: F

Sons Of Anarchy
Instead of making an oddly shaped exterior, the Sons of Anarchy box set comes in a normal rectangle that mirrors design elements that viewers of the show would recognize. This is a prime example of knowing your consumer mindset. Creating packaging based on persona research is a great way to ensure your packaging will resonate with your ideal demographic. We score this: A+

At Pioneer Packaging, we want your packaging to stand out amongst the competition. We are here to design innovative, yet still functional, packaging for your consumers. With our expertise, your company can have buzzworthy, one of a kind packaging. We stay updated on the latest trends in the packaging industry to help your business connect with consumers.
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