Corrugated Cardboard and Recycle Statistics

Flat cardboard boxes that have sections etched out of the fiber

People are familiar with corrugated cardboard, as it is a widely used packaging material that can be customized to store, ship and protect nearly any product. But what do you really know about the sustainable facts behind this extremely environmentally responsible material? Explore the statistics below, and discover the benefits of corrugated cardboard.

93% of corrugated cardboard containers use materials supplied by Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program participants, who are dedicated to sustainable forestry.
Nearly 60% of energy used by the U.S. paper industry is from renewable biofuels.
The average corrugated box was made up of 43% recycled fiber in 2006.
80.7% of corrugated material produced in 2008 was recovered for recycling, and nearly all was recycled into new products.
The corrugated industry reduced its fossil fuel consumption by 56% between 1972 and 2006.
All of the above statistics are from the Corrugated Packaging Alliance. Learn more about corrugated and sustainable packaging solutions by contacting Pioneer Packaging Worldwide today.

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