Colgate’s New Product Packaging is Sustainable and Vegan-Friendly

A toothbrush is covered in blue/white toothpaste with a tube in the background

For years, Toothpaste brands have made their packaging out of layers of plastics, polymers, and other non-recyclable materials that take more than 500 years to break down. Colgate has recently launched a new product line of toothpaste called Smile for Good that is aimed to promote the use of sustainable resources. Instead of the usual material that most toothpaste brands use, Smile for Good’s packaging is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is the same plastic made from milk containers.

Typically, most types of toothpaste are made with glycerin, which is a byproduct of animal fat. Another unique aspect Colgate has incorporated into their Smile for Good line is the use of a plant-sourced glycerin, making them certified in Europe by The Vegan Society.

Last year, Colgate introduced the recyclable based tube in their Tom’s of Maine product. The package is the first of its kind to be recognized by The Association of Plastic Recyclers in North America and RecyClass in Europe. Colgate isn’t stopping there though, they have decided that in order to make the right step forward in a more sustainable future, that they must work together with others in the industry. Colgate is sharing the recyclable technology with tube makers and competitors to support regional recycling standards.

As concerns grow about the impact corporations are having on the environment with single-use plastics, it’s refreshing to know Colgate-Palmolive is working towards a cleaner future. Colgate-Palmolive has made it their mission to make packaging for all their products 100% recyclable by 2025.

At Pioneer Packaging, we applaud Colgate-Palmolive for their continued efforts towards a sustainable future in our industry. Environmentally friendly packaging is a fundamental part of going green, that is why we have chosen to become a member in the fight. Visit our Green Initiatives page to find out how Pioneer Packaging can help you make the transition from traditional materials to new, exciting packaging.

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