Clever Little Bag

A black air-tight package containing a bottle of white

When it comes to reducing packaging waste and carbon emissions, plastic isn’t the only material that companies are looking to cut. The shoe and apparel company PUMA  introduced its “Clever Little Bag” – one of the company’s initiative to reducing harmful waste associated with paper production, transportation and disposal.

The Clever Little Bag has replaced traditional shoeboxes with a reusable bag slipped over a recyclable cardboard box.

The Materials

By replacing the large cardboard lids commonly used for shoeboxes, the Clever Little Bag uses less packaging and reduces water, energy and fuel consumption required by more than 60 percent a year. The package’s paper material is reduced by 65 percent. With a light design, the Clever Little Bag uses less energy to transport. The sleeve that replaces the cardboard material is a nonwoven bag that uses less work and waste throughout its production. It also becomes a reusable bag after purchase, ideal for shopping and storage.

The Benefits

Although materials such as paper cardboard may be easy to recycle, the production of these materials are still harmful to the environment – with large amounts of carbon emissions and energy required to process and transport. The Clever Little Bag reduces paper material and weight for a lighter, eco-friendly and reusable package that not only reduces energy use, but also reduces paper waste. In addition, the bag’s creative design includes a convenient handle, eliminating the need for a plastic bag to carry the box.

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