Cannabis Industry: The Rise of Sustainable Packaging

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Marijuana is legalized in 47 states. But here’s the thing, the FDA has only given the green light to hemp-derived Cannabidiol for medicinal uses. So, all you cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and manufacturers have to get your hands on some cannabis insurance, because protecting your business is key!

With the cannabis industry growing like a weed (pun intended) and the legalization of marijuana on the rise, it’s our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s where sustainable packaging comes in – reducing waste and supporting the environment. Ready to learn more about sustainable packaging in the cannabis industry? Let’s dive in!

How Can the Industries Meet Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Goals?

They say with great power comes great responsibility. And that’s especially true in the cannabis world, where cultivation and packaging reign supreme. It’s crucial that we take action to protect the environment and ensure sustainability. That’s why high-end industries and businesses are investing in eco-friendly options and making sure we can all enjoy our greens responsibly.

Below are a few common ways to achieve cannabis packaging goals:

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard and papers are the most versatile options for cannabis packaging. In fact, GPA Global uses paper packaging in some of its products to deliver a user-friendly experience. 
  • Tin containers are one of the popular choices for cannabis packaging as they are made out of metal. They are available in different sizes and designs. The push and lock system enables them to be child-protective, as well. 
  • To meet the child-resistance criteria, there are child-proof bags of various sizes and materials. The greater surface area and seal-zip mechanism make these reusable bags a handy and sustainable packaging option. 
  • Glass jars, containers, and bottles with ocean-based plastic lids are a widely accepted choice for packaging cannabis oils, flowers, edibles, and concentrates. A European Survey reported that around nine out of ten consumers rate glass materials as the best packaging option. 
  • A few cannabis companies make plastic pre-roll and reusable bamboo tubes and use mushrooms, sugarcane, and hemp fabric bags. These materials are entirely recyclable and durable.

Benefits of Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Did you know that the increased demand for cannabis has spurred businesses to revolutionize packaging options with creativity and innovation? The growing demand for herb has paved the way for some creative and innovative packaging options that are revolutionizing the industry!

Check out the benefits of these lit packagings!

Combat Climate Change

Scientists predict a nasty spike in carbon emissions by 2030 plus the health risks that come with it. The good news is that we can prevent this disaster from happening.

In the cannabis business, reducing carbon footprint is one effective way to combat climate change. Utilizing renewable resources, green energies, or wind power to create products is a mindful approach to give back to communities and protect our world from global warming. So let’s join hands to save our planet and create a better future for ourselves and our future generations!

Biodegradability in Sustainable Packaging

Did you know that in many states, cannabis products have to be sold in child-resistant packaging?

Even though cannabis is a totally natural product, all the plastic packaging and artificial pesticides involved in its production along with extensive waste disposal tend to rub people the wrong way.

That’s why using biodegradable packaging is the way to go! It’s eco-friendly and super smart. We can have our joints and save the planet too!

Win Customer Loyalty 

Sustainable cannabis packaging is not only good for the environment, but it also brings customer loyalty to the dispensary.

A recent IBM report found that nearly six in ten consumers were willing to switch to eco-friendly products in order to reduce environmental impact. And get this, over 70% are even ready to shell out extra bucks for brands that promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging.

With the right approach, you can win customer loyalty and stand out from the competition in the race of sustainable cannabis packaging.

Time to get creative and impress those customers!

Marketing Strategy

Sustainable cannabis packaging can work wonders for a brand’s identity! 

With earth-friendly packaging, you can make a valuable impact while showing off your eco-cred. Not only do you help the planet by using recycled materials, but you also get to stand out in a sea of businesses by demonstrating your commitment to responsible practices.

Join the green revolution and let’s dive into sustainable packaging today!

Final Words

There’s no magical solution to inventing sustainable cannabis packaging, but the cannabis industry is stepping up big time. They’re implementing recycling protocols, offering cannabis insurance, and doing their part to minimize global warming and carbon emissions. 

With customer credibility, branding, and sustainable compliance – it’s almost too easy to help minimize carbon emissions and global warming. When all’s said and done, the cannabis industry is making innovative progress towards truly revolutionizing the game!

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