16Mar 2016

Recycled Food Packaging Products: Food packaging products serve multiple purposes, from marketing and branding to food protection and extended shelf life. With all of these functions in mind, sustainable materials can often be put on the back burner when designing food packages. However, as environmental awareness increases, so does the need for sustainable packaging materials […]

16Mar 2016

Glass bottle packaging has been around for a long time. Yet switching from plastic containers to glass is becoming more popular in recent years, as consumers become more aware of environmentally-friendly packaging, and companies rediscover the benefits of glass. Here, we’ll explore the growing popularity and benefits of glass bottle packaging, including safety, sustainability and […]

23Feb 2016

Innovative packaging is critical in the wine industry, as wineries must combine attractive packaging with protective materials, appealing to customers while keeping bottles safe through the shipping and handling process. The holidays are approaching, and many people ship local wines across the country as gifts, with increased awareness regarding the environmental impacts of the packaging […]

22Feb 2016

Styrofoam shipping boxes are made from polystyrene plastic, commonly used for its strong insulation and cushioning properties. Fragile items, such as wine bottles, can be shipped long distances in Styrofoam shipping boxes without being damaged. Foods, medical supplies and other temperature-sensitive items can be shipped safely at consistent temperatures in Styrofoam boxes. Styrofoam is often […]

15Dec 2015

In the ongoing battle between the H-Loc Trapped Blister and the traditional clamshell package, we put the recyclable trapped blister against the all-plastic clamshell in a fight for sustainability. We have already proven that the trapped blister is safer than the clamshell, eliminating the “wrap rage” that often leads to injuries when trying to open clamshells […]

15Dec 2015
frustration-free packaging

Most people probably don’t know what a clamshell package is until it is described as the hard-to-open, all plastic packaging designs used for nearly every product out there. Then they know what you’re talking about, and chances are, they’ve experienced the “wrap rage” that comes along with trying to open a clamshell package on birthdays […]

23Nov 2015
frustration-free packaging

You’ve probably experienced wrap rage at one time or another – most likely on Christmas morning or on a birthday, when you have to dive into your gifts armed with sharp kitchen shears and wire cutters. Even celebrities, like Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (shown in the video above), are aware of the frustration […]

23Nov 2015

  When it comes to plastic packaging, most people do not give a second thought to the innovative detail that goes into the production process. Yet the effectiveness, convenience and sustainability of a clamshell package are very closely related to the process of producing plastic parts, also called thermoforming. Traditional clamshell packages in addition to […]

17Nov 2015

As you learn more about sustainable packaging solutions and the positive impact that the H-Loc Trapped Blister has on the environment, it’s also important to understand the various other environmental initiatives and developments that work toward a healthier future. Bioplastics, for example, are a type of plastic made from renewable sources, such as vegetable oil and […]

16Nov 2015

  A product’s packaging is more than a simple box that carries the product from warehouse to store shelf. A creative packaging solution not only keeps the product protected from damage and tampering, but it also works as a marketing tool that helps customers make their final purchasing decision. Plastic and Graphics Don’t Mix Many […]

04Nov 2015

  Successful packaging solutions also work as effecting marketing tools, helping consumers to make the final purchase in addition to keeping products safe from damage during shipping, handling and storage. Traditional clamshell packaging utilize an all-plastic structure, which often cause a glare from store lights and make it harder to see the product clearly – […]

21Oct 2015

Unique products require unique packaging, with solutions that not only save materials and money, but that also work to improve the product and have a positive impact on both the consumer and the environment. While all that may seem like a list of goals that are impossible to achieve, the truth is that the SBS […]

20Oct 2015

“Green” initiatives have become more than just a fad in recent years, as businesses and consumers grow more aware of their true impact on the environment. With an increasing number of eco-friendly products hitting the shelves, there comes a need to carefully analyze the real benefits, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of their life cycle. A life cycle […]

01Oct 2015

Truly effective sustainable packaging requires innovative designs and environmentally-friendly sources. The H-Loc Trapped Blister is a safe, healthy and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional clamshell, and boasts 100% recyclability through four major components.  Recycled Plastics.Instead of utilizing an all-plastic design like the clamshell, the trapped blister uses just a minimal amount of RPET plastic to […]

29Sep 2015

Many people don’t often think about the creativity and innovation that goes into today’s effective packaging solutions. Yet with the increasing awareness of our impact on the environment and the future, particularly the effects of product packaging, many retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to package products that go above and beyond the simple […]