4 Ways Blister Packaging Pushes Boundaries in the Pharmaceutical Industry


When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, manufacturers must consider strict requirements to ensure medical products are secure from contamination and damage; one common reliable solution to this is the use of blister packaging. This type of packaging features a pocket that is formed from thermoformed plastic, with a paperboard or aluminum backing to keep the pill or device in place. Blister packs are useful in a number of ways, and that’s why we’ve highlighted a few areas where they come in handy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Blister Packaging Portions The Correct Dosage 

When it comes to medication, it’s important to not over-consume certain medicine. This form of packaging helps pharmaceutical companies ensure their customers are taking the correct dosage by predetermining the amount in each blister. This makes it easier for customers to understand how much they will need to take when they are sick.

Blister Packaging Consistently Outperforms Bottles in Child Safety

According to Packaging Strategies, studies have shown blister packs are more efficient than child-resistant medicine bottles. In the report, they state many kids ranging in ages 3-5 are able to open pill bottles within seconds. Blister packages provide a significantly higher level of protection, thanks to many blister solutions having the highest child-resistance rating available – an F-1.

Blister Packaging Promote Freshness

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, it can be extremely important to secure its freshness from manufacturer to consumer. Blister packs make this possible by protecting sensitive medications from external environments, such as humidity and temperature. Blister packaging can be extremely beneficial for those herbal medications that must maintain a certain level of freshness for proper consumption. 

Entice Consumers With Visibility

Due to the packaging’s plastic front, customers are able to view the product before making their purchase. It gives the consumer some reassurance that the product is as advertised and will meet their expectations. While people may be able to view the medication, blister packs are capable of protecting the product from any tampering. 

Enhance Your Pharmaceuticals with Pioneer Packaging’s Blister Packaging

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been an industry leader in providing companies from all backgrounds quality packaging solutions. Blister packs are an essential part of pharmaceutical products, and we’re proud to offer them to our medical clients. Ready to enhance your medical packaging? Contact us today to get started.

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