Bamboo Packaging Solutions

Rows of brown bamboo sticks

Dell continues replacing its plastic packaging materials with bamboo solutions. At Pioneer, we are committed to raising awareness on the growing packaging innovations in today’s market. Here, we’ll explore Dell’s bamboo packaging.

The Material

Bamboo is one of the largest members of the grass family and is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet. Its growth rate varies according to the soil and climate, and is best known as a major food source for pandas. Bamboo is also used for culinary and medicinal purposes in many parts of the world, as well for construction materials, furniture, textiles, musical instruments, bicycles, clothing and more. As a packaging material, bamboo is strong, durable and sustainable. Dell uses bamboo to package smartphones, laptops, tablets and other computer devices.

The Benefits

Because of its fast growth rate (up to 24 inches a day), bamboo can be harvested faster than hardwoods, making the source extremely renewable. Its strength is truly enduring, and the material’s flexibility makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of packaging needs.

Oil-based, virgin plastic materials such as PET, PVC and polystyrene can emit harmful toxins during production as well as in landfills, where they can take years to break down, if at all. The more nonrenewable materials that are wasted, the more negative impact packaging has on the environment and the health of the planet. Using bamboo instead of plastic helps significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition, Dell’s bamboo packaging is certified compostable, meaning it can be thrown into compost piles for safe biodegradation back into the earth, promoting healthy, quality soil.

Pioneer Packaging Worldwide provides innovative sustainable packaging solutions, including corrugated cardboard and recycled PET, to help companies move forward in the path to a greener future. Contact us today to learn more.

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