Time to Start Your Back to School Packaging

It’s that time of year again. Kids are going back to the classroom and school is going to be in full swing. Although the fun in the sun everyday is done, kids and parents are excited to go back to school shopping. Stores are going to be flooded with all sorts of fun pens and pencils, stationeries, lunch boxes and more. Here are some packaging solutions your company can use to attract the back to school shoppers:

Use Patterns and Colors
To captivate the back to school crowd, it is imperative to use bright colors and patterns in your packaging design. The famous back to school supplier, Crayola does a great job of using their classic brand colors, while implementing patterns and shapes on their packaging to make their products more intriguing to kids.

Have Functional Packaging
Consumers prefer packaging that can be used throughout the life of the product instead of just solely for display then thrown away. An example of a great packaging solution is Stadetler’s pens. They come in a reusable box to store pens in for easy organization and travel. This gives the brand more exposure because consumers are constantly using the box, which displays their brand name and image. It also gives the consumer and easy way to store their pens and keep them all together as a set.

Complement the Product
Having a packaging solution that complements the product by showcasing what is inside can give the product transparency and fulfill expectations. Consumers, especially kids, want to know what they are buying. Products that are complemented by the packaging can enhance the item and give consumers a better experience when making a purchasing choice.

These are just some packaging solutions your business can use to get into the back to school spirit. Here at Pioneer, we want your packaging to be relevant with the time of year to excite students for the upcoming season. We have custom packaging capabilities tailored for your industry to appeal to students and their families. If you would like to know more about how to make fun back to school packaging don’t hesitate to contact us.

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