5 Benefits of Digital Printing on Packaging

Digital Printing

Digital printing in packaging is a significant upgrade from previous methods. Outdated printing processes relied on bulky and less efficient tools, often resulting in sub-par color and precision. 

Thankfully, the digital world has transformed the packaging industry to provide brands with a valuable upgrade. There’s a reason why digital printing is trending in the industry, with projected market revenue reaching $28 billion by 2024.

The Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging

If you’re new to digital printing or exploring your packaging options, here are some convincing reasons why you should consider it.

#1 Faster Production Time

Digitizing the package printing process simplifies the stages, dramatically reducing production time. In addition, there are no more minimum order requirements to make your request worthwhile. 

The overall speed is faster and more efficient. Both brand owners and retailers benefit from shorter printing times that accommodate fluctuating demands, which also helps reduce overproduction waste.

#2 More Vibrant and Precise Color 

Digital printing matches a wider variety of the Pantone color spectrum, which allows you to choose from more variations of shades and gradients. A more vibrant color variety helps you accurately utilize your brand’s color guidelines.

Short digitally printed batches are easy to run, allowing you to test the color variations and make any changes to the final packaging color design. Color precision is not limited to the wide range of color variations but also the overall clarity. In addition, digital printing makes it possible to apply print borders, stay neatly within the lines and avoid fading. 

Maximizing image clarity is a huge benefit to brand owners looking to rebrand their products or enhance their design image for customers. 

#3 Making Adjustments is Easy 

Getting the artistic design down can be a process that takes time and effort. You might have an idea in mind, but change course after seeing the look of the printed outcome. Frequent artwork adjustments are much easier to make when you are digitally printing. 

Before, the printing process would involve screens and plates, but now you can easily make digital revisions for mass customization. Packaging visual design is one of the most critical aspects of marketing a brand. Rarely does the print result look precisely the way the brand intended it to be on the first try. Instead, the design will usually evolve multiple times until all aspects of the printing are finally approved. 

#4 Environmentally Friendly Inks

Mass printing requires large amounts of ink; thankfully, digital printers are designed to be environmentally friendly. 

There are two main reasons sustainability is more easily achieved with digital printing:

1 – Fewer Unsustainable Tools Required – Digital printing eliminates the previous, outdated methods that required lengthy and unsustainable pre-press steps. 

2 – Environmentally Friendly Inks – Digital printing uses a variety of biodegradable inks. For example, seaweed and other plant-based inks are widely available for use, which is a massive benefit for anyone seeking to prioritize sustainability in their brand’s values and packaging design. 

#5 Reliable Quality and Consistency

Digital print packaging increases automation and decreases the risk of human error from upload to final production. Fostering consistency in brand packaging print design is crucial and delicate when fine-tuning all the minor details. Digitization allows for quick improvements and adjustments, ensuring reliable quality is achieved.

Pioneer Packaging Custom Designs Product Packaging

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for digital packaging solutions. Our creative designers work closely with you to ensure your brand is recognized for quality packaging design and materials. 

So whether you’re looking to get your paper product packaging at affordable prices, short runs on digitally printed boxes, or attract new consumers, we can create a design fit for you. In addition, we strive to keep costs down, which helps our customers keep their brands moving along production lines.  

Contact Pioneer Packaging today and learn why we’re a leader in packaging innovation.

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