5 Bakery Packaging Design Trends That Are Too Sweet to Go Unnoticed

Bakery Packaging

Consumers’ preferences are seemingly constantly changing, which means companies are often adjusting their operations to meet their diverse interests. One area of food manufacturing that seems to be in constant adaptation is bakery packaging. 

Pioneer Packaging is the go-to source for quality, cost-effective solutions that attract your target consumer and reflect the quality of your product. Whether you’re just starting a product line or adding organic products to your current one, our team is capable of handling any size project you need. Read our blog post below to learn what trends are being used in creating some pretty sweet packaging designs. 

Complimentary Colors Make For Attractive Bakery Packaging

While certain colors may seem like they’re the opposite of each other, that doesn’t mean they don’t go well together. In fact, contradictory colors may be the perfect yin and yang for your packaging design. For example, look at color combinations like black and white, red and green, and blue and brown. They’re terrific in catching the attention of consumers and making an impact on one’s branding. 

Adding Vintage Elements to Your Bakery Packaging

Another trend that we’re seeing in the packaging industry is adding vintage elements to packaging designs. People enjoy being nostalgic, whether that be remembering their favorite movies and music or seeing designs that take them back to their favorite times in life. As packaging designers, implementing a nostalgic element into designs lets us unlock that and connect with your consumer base.

Create a Sense of Elegance in Your Packaging Design

While it depends entirely on how you’d like to brand yourself, creating elegant packaging portrays a certain image towards your company and line of products. If you specialize in specialty confections, sweets, chocolates with a consumer base looking for more lush product lines, elegance should be the inspiration for your bakery packaging design. 

For example, look at Lolli & Pops, a specialty confections and sweets company that ships treats around the world. The company gives off a sense of elegance and quality in their products by using packaging design elements like gentle pastels, minimal graphics, and wrapping that make it look like a valuable gift. The brand also uses tin cans for some of their specialty chocolates, as well as elegant jars for candies such as gummy bears.

Transparent Windows Entice Consumer Purchases

See-through packaging has always been a great way to highlight your product in its packaging. It allows for customers to get a glimpse of the food before purchase and entice their appetite with a delicious view of the food. This is no different for those in the bakery industry. 

Having a see-through window in your bakery packaging design gives consumers confidence in the product’s freshness, integrity, and overall quality. Resulting in a better relationship between your business and your customers.

Sustainable Bakery Packaging Designs

One trend that is impacting almost every industry on the planet is sustainable packaging. With the concern of climate change and packaging affecting our ecosystems, consumers are demanding more eco-friendly options. This is no different for people in the bakery industry.

Instead of opting for traditional packaging solutions, you may consider partnering with a packaging company to enlist in eco-friendly bakery packaging designs. Going green has never been more cost-efficient and there has never been more exciting developments in this area of packaging. 

Pioneer Packaging has Over 35 Years of Experience Creating Packaging Designs

Pioneer Packaging has the resources and experience to provide clients with total packaging solutions from design to delivery. These resources serve multiple industries, including food and beverage, medical, and automotive. Additionally, we’re experts in transforming your traditional packaging to be more sustainable. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the experience your customers deserve! 

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