4 Tips for Good Packaging Designs for Personal Care Products

Personal Care

Recently, we discussed some of the overall design trends that you can expect to see in 2021. However, it’s very likely that different industries will see different trends. Personal care, such as beauty, make-up, fragrances, and hygienic products, will have different demands than food packaging. There is so much potential in the cosmetics and personal care industry that not only bring in a serious profit but can help brands stand out from their enormous competition. But, how can you make your product stand out amongst the clutter? The answer is simple, trendy packaging! We’ve highlighted a few tips and tricks to help in your design consideration. 

Design a Strategic Plan to Attract Ideal Customers

Before you get started on designing your packaging, it’s important that you create a strategic plan to attract your ideal customer. This plan may include details, such as:

  • Demographics information like  age, income, location, interests, and gender.
  • How you would like to portray your brand.
  • Where you expect people to buy your product.

While you can redesign your product without a strategic plan, it’s likely you won’t find as big success without it. That is why we personally work with each of our clients to identify their goals to create packaging that would resonate with their target consumers. To attract them they may use design trends as seen below.

Intricate Line Drawings

Fine lines are a timeless, wonderful way for personal care brands to highlight the beauty of their product. It’s common for companies to utilize floral or other natural designs to present themselves as an elegant, clean product. It’s an excellent way to create an eye-catching package that showcases the ingredients in your product.

Unique Custom Fonts

Typeface matters. Bold, unique fonts allow brands to stand out by using a style that they’re uniquely known for. It allows companies to express who they are and helps customers pick their product out from a crowd. For example, when you see Coca-Cola or LEGO, you can easily identify them based on the font they use. This sentiment is prevalent in the personal care industry. 

Adopt Bold Patterns

Well-placed, eye-catching patterns are becoming a new norm in the personal care industry. According to 99 Designs, irregular patterns are a popular trend that can give the packaging an edge over its competitors. As customers stroll through an aisle, they will more likely take notice of a product with bold packaging. This trend can work for any brand, just as long as the design is crafted just right.

Minimalist Designs Are In

While bold patterns are becoming a popular trend in personal care designs, minimalist packaging is a prevalent alternative. This type of design often softens the brand image and makes the product look modern and mature. You can keep it simple and stylish simply by incorporating pastel coloring into the concept. 

Become Trendy with Pioneer Packaging

Whether you’re in the personal care or food industry, Pioneer Packaging can assist you with designing and implementing quality packaging solutions. Our team of designers works closely with our clients to ensure their expectations are met and their products stand out to their target audience. Between our cost-effective solutions and dedication to well-designed products, we’re capable of anything that is thrown our way. Contact us today to get started!

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