That’s The Spirit: 3 Sustainable Solutions For Alcohol Packaging

A row of wine bottles line a shelf showcasing it's alcohol packaging

As consumers become more conscious of single-use plastics and their effects on the environment, many companies are shifting their packaging to be eco-friendly. This trend is unsurprisingly relevant in alcohol packaging, where its design often exemplifies what the brand and product are all about. 

Integrating sustainable practices into their operations is a fine way for alcohol manufacturers to remain competitive and to promote a positive brand image with consumers. Companies have already begun this process, and we’re excited to see how other manufacturers begin using these solutions in their operations. Here are 3 sustainable solutions alcohol companies should look out for.

Slimmed Down Wine Bottles

We’ve all seen a traditional wine bottle – large, round, smooth transparent glass, etc. However, the U.S.-London-based alcohol packaging developer Garçon Wines is changing the way we think of the wine bottle.

Instead of it’s traditional round shape, Garçon bottles are flat so consumers can stack them. The idea was conceptualized in the U.K. during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept was created to solve the problem of missed deliveries of wine through the invention of full-size, flat bottles that are able to fit inside an average U.K. mailbox. The bottle is simply a cross section of the traditional one we’re used to, but slightly taller to hold the same amount of alcohol. 

Sustainability is a guiding principle in it’s conception. Not only do the bottles use less packaging, but they are made from recycled and recyclable PET plastic. Because they’re flat, they can pack more bottles into shipping containers, which may cut down CO2 emissions.

Multi-Pack Ring Alternatives

The biggest call to action from consumers has been eliminating the use of plastic multi-pack rings. Studies have shown they are a threat to our environment, in particular marine wildlife, and the industry is due for a replacement. Over the years, packaging manufacturers have created several alternatives to answer the call.

Diageo, one of the world’s largest alcohol companies, announced that it was investing £16m to eliminate plastic alcohol packaging from it’s Guinness brand. Additionally, they will replace it with sustainably sourced, recyclable, and biodegradable cardboard. 

Another alcohol conglomerate has stepped up to replace their hazardous packaging. AB UnBev, collaborated with ocean charity Parley for Oceans to create a plant-based binding to replace the plastic rings in their Corona line. As of right now, the new alcohol packaging is still in a trial phase in Mexico, but we’re excited to see this packaging first hand!

Change What The Bottle Is Made From

Alcohol bottles are most commonly made from glass and plastic. However, there are several emerging types of material that companies are integrating into their alcohol packaging to promote a “greener” product.

Danish brewer Carlsberg Group revealed their plan to launch a bottle that is made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre, with an inner barrier that will hold beer. The brewery is no stranger to sustainable activations. In 2018, Carlsberg launched its plastic wrapping-wrapping free Snap Pack, that glues a 6-pack of cans together to help reduce plastic waste. 

In 2021, Diageo plans to release a similar bottle to Carlsberg where their Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey line will be made entirely from sustainably sourced wood and facilitate an inner barrier to contain the spirit.

A more established alternative to the weight and transport considerations of glass bottles are aluminum cans. Canned wine has become more prevalent in liquor aisles, and has increasingly become more accepted by consumers. Due to their size and weight, they may effectively reduce CO2 emissions during transport. 

Pioneer Packaging is Excited to Meet Your Alcohol Packaging Needs

To maintain a product’s integrity and appeal to the growing environmentally conscious consumer, having alcohol packaging that highlights what makes your brand unique is key. 

At Pioneer Packaging, we have experience with making our clients stand out with designs that are equally appealing as they are sustainable. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!

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