2019’s Fall Favorites in Creative Packaging

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The first thing that a consumer sees before opening a product is its packaging. Product packaging is responsible for marketing itself and creating an eye-catching first impression on the shopper. Consumers tend to remember unique packaging, which is why businesses focus their attention on designing their product packaging. Businesses have been shifting their focus to create special packaging designs that bring attention to their products. Creating innovative design concepts have become increasingly important in the packaging industry. It has been found that consumers are looking for signals that help them make a buying decision. When people see a bunch of the same products lined up on a shelf, they need a message to signal which brand is right for them.


Packaging design trends can change and fluctuate every year. Some companies continue using their traditional packaging tactics, while others try to set themselves apart by producing trendy designs. Find out what the most creative packaging trends that have hit the market this fall!


Beverage-dispensing headgear

Inventor Randall Flann, an art school graduate with a big sense of humor, had his interest peaked to research different ways to functionally dispense beverages. If you have been to a sporting event and seen attendees slurping down their drinks from a cap on their head, Flann invented something similar, but with a much larger twist. He takes dispensing beverages into another level of artistic ability. With over 150 different designs and characters that doubles as a hat and drink dispenser, he has revolutionized beverage packaging. Flann’s beverage-dispensing headgear is approximately 10-inches in diameter and almost a foot high. It holds 68 ounces of liquid and weighs about 5 pounds when full and 1 ½ pounds when empty. Flann notes that his target market is universal. While it is intended to hold beer, it is applicable for a range of different beverages making it appropriate for anyone from 15 to 115 to be the proud owners of one of his vibrant beverage holding hats. Compared to other wearable drink dispensers, Flann’s design only needs to be filled up once for multiple different fills which reduces trips to the kitchen or server stations. Flann’s product is eye-catching and intriguing, which will make it successful when it hits the market in early 2020.  


A new take on a wine bag

It’s not every day that you see a wine bottle in a bag that looks tasteful and intriguing. Slovenia’s Radgonske Goric Winery has found an innovative way for their product to stand out amongst their competition while preserving their wine at the same time. Slovenia’s Radgonske Goric winery is producing “Untouched by Light” sparkling wine in the dark. The light-proof beverage packaging is designed to protect the product from any outside light during the distribution process. The black sparkling wine bottle is encapsulated inside a black vacuum-sealed foil bag to keep all sources of light out. Studies show that fluorescent and natural light can reduce the citrus aromas found in sparkling wine and can even create a cooked cabbage or wet dog taste to the product. The first bottles of Untouched by Light wine will ship in the spring of 2020 where the sparkling wine will go through every process in the dark. With the only label on the packaging being on the upper left side of the bag reading “Untouched by light method,” provides a mysterious and thought-provoking package that piques the interest of the consumer and draws them in.


Water Bottles are out, Water Cans are in

Dasani is heavily focusing on their efforts to make their packaging contain 50% recycled material by 2030. Sneha Shah the group director of packaging innovation at Coca-Cola North America, explains that there will be five new options in the packaging that you can purchase your water. 

  1. The HybridBottle – This seemingly plastic-looking bottle is actually made up of 50% plant-based recycled and renewable materials. The original Dasani water bottle was a mix of 30% renewable materials and 70% virgin PET. This sustainably friendly bottle looks virtually the same as the original bottles, only it’s better for the environment. 
  2. Aluminum Cans – Dasani has been exploring the possibilities of creating “water in a can.” Similar to the slim container that you see Red Bull in or the shorter cans that you can find soda in, Dasani is creating packaging that not only focuses on the aesthetics of the product but also the environmental benefits by eliminating plastic. Dasani is introducing a mix of products in several ways including 12- and 16-ounce aluminum cans and 16-ounce aluminum bottles. Dasani has been successful in its decision of eliminating plastic by creating a product that is slightly different than what consumers see every day. By creating something different that interests the consumer, it has boosted the popularity of the product. 


Personalizing Halloween Packaging

This fall, candy brands have stepped up their game by finding creative ways to package their products, just in time for Halloween. In efforts to help the consumer connect with their products, brands like Hershey, Mars and Frito-Lay have started adding facial features on their packages. 


    1. In efforts to create custom, reusable packaging, Hershey’s is selling its two most popular items – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey’s miniatures in a reusable bowl that doubles as a skull. Consumers can reuse the “dead-head” to hold their Halloween candy or other goodies. On the outside of the skull, it is sealed with shrink labels where graphics are printed on the outside with spider webs and the logos of the candy found inside as the eyes of the skull. Once the skull is unwrapped, the container loses its brand identity where it becomes a Halloween decoration for years to come.  


  • Mars takes a more familiar approach by creating a candy bag with a Halloween theme. By featuring a spooky character on the front of the bag and making its mouth transparent, which gives a sneak peek into the bag to help the consumer see what they are buying. Its additional features include pillow-pack pouches that allow the weight of the candy to flatten so that it stands up nicely on the shelf display. 
  • Frito-Lay is using innovative design concepts to get into the Halloween spirit by creating a variety of pack bags that are printed with Ghosts, Ghouls, and Monsters. These bags are sturdy and festive enough to be reused as a trick or treat bag. Additionally, shoppers can redeem a free reflective sticker to personalize costumes or increase safety and the visibility of children when they are moving from door to door on Halloween. 



How to use creative Custom packaging to your advantage

By being creative with your packaging, you may draw more attention to your product. Implementing these changes in your packaging solutions can make a world of difference. If you are looking to boost your creativity and innovative design concepts, then you have come to the right place! 

Pioneer Packaging has been engineering custom packaging solutions in a variety of industries for over 35 years. We deliver packaging trends and solutions that you want to implement into your business. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging solutions. Imagine it…Done!

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