Sustainable Packaging

18Oct 2017

You have a great product that your consumers will love and cherish. That is a beautiful thing. But as exciting as you believe your latest product to be, shouldn’t some of that excitement show itself on the box? Not all companies fully understand the benefits that well executed branding can bring to their package design. […]

27Sep 2016
Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass bottle packaging has been around for a long time. As consumers become more aware of environmentally-friendly packaging, manufacturers are rediscovering the benefits of glass from plastic containers. The benefits of glass bottle packaging include safety, sustainability and image. Glass Bottle Packaging Benefits: Glass is made from all-natural raw materials. Other packaging materials, such as […]

27Sep 2016

Food packaging products serve multiple purposes, from marketing and branding to food protection and extended shelf life. With all of these functions in mind, sustainable materials can often be put on the back burner when designing food packages. However as environmental awareness increases, so does the need for sustainable packaging materials that not only contribute […]

31Aug 2016
10 tips for sustainable packaging

Polystyrene, more commonly known as Styrofoam for its use in the trademark plastic foam, is a type of plastic material with strong insulation and cushioning properties. These features make the material ideal for shipping, storing and packaging a wide variety of products. However, while Styrofoam can be extremely useful and versatile, the material is also […]

31Aug 2016

At Pioneer Packaging Worldwide, we are not only committed to providing packaging solutions that help improve performance and reduce costs, but we also offer sustainable packaging products that contribute to a healthier environment and more eco-friendly way of living. Today’s businesses and consumers are continually looking for innovative ways to minimize their carbon footprint while […]

19Jul 2016

People are familiar with corrugated cardboard, as it is a widely used packaging material that can be customized to store, ship and protect nearly any product. But what do you really know about the sustainable facts behind this extremely environmentally responsible material? Explore the statistics below, and discover the benefits of corrugated cardboard. 93% of […]

19Apr 2016

Most people consider this question when it comes to the big packaging issues, such as shipping containers and product displays. But what about the details, like carton sealing tape? With all those containers to seal, packing tape can add up and contribute to the packaging versus the environment issue. Here, we’ll explore why paper carton […]

22Feb 2016

Styrofoam shipping boxes are made from polystyrene plastic, commonly used for its strong insulation and cushioning properties. Fragile items, such as wine bottles, can be shipped long distances in Styrofoam shipping boxes without being damaged. Foods, medical supplies and other temperature-sensitive items can be shipped safely at consistent temperatures in Styrofoam boxes. Styrofoam is often […]

15Dec 2015

In the ongoing battle between the H-Loc Trapped Blister and the traditional clamshell package, we put the recyclable trapped blister against the all-plastic clamshell in a fight for sustainability. We have already proven that the trapped blister is safer than the clamshell, eliminating the “wrap rage” that often leads to injuries when trying to open clamshells […]

23Nov 2015

  When it comes to plastic packaging, most people do not give a second thought to the innovative detail that goes into the production process. Yet the effectiveness, convenience and sustainability of a clamshell package are very closely related to the process of producing plastic parts, also called thermoforming. Traditional clamshell packages in addition to […]