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The US packaging industry is expected to grow from 587.9 billion units in 2018 to 623.5 billion units by 2023. This fall specifically is an interesting time of year for packaging trend forecasting. The trends happening now, cement the major product packaging trends for the rest of the year. It also provides insight into what […]

Most people probably don’t know what a clamshell package is until it is described as the hard-to-open, all plastic packaging designs used for nearly every product out there. Then they know what you’re talking about, and chances are, they’ve experienced the “wrap rage” that comes along with trying to open a clamshell package on birthdays […]

You’ve probably experienced wrap rage at one time or another – most likely on Christmas morning or on a birthday, when you have to dive into your gifts armed with sharp kitchen shears and wire cutters. Even celebrities, like Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (shown in the video above), are aware of the frustration […]

Product packaging has many different purposes, from protecting products through shipping and handling processes, to effective marketing strategies that get the product off the shelves and into customers’ hands. Successful packaging must also keep products safe from tampering, which involves altering or damaging a product. Tamper-evident properties allow retailers and consumers to identify whether a […]

Wrap rage has become a common occurrence in households across the globe, thanks to hard-to-open clamshell packages that leave consumers frustrated and, sometimes, injured. A variety of tools have been introduced to the market, designed specifically to open clamshell packages. Powered scissors, for example, are supposed to saw through thick plastic edges, while other tools […]

Most consumers are familiar with the traditional clamshell package, an all-plastic container used extensively for gadgets and electronics, among many other everyday products. While clamshells boast tamper-resistant features and a clear view of the product, these containers are often more associated with their difficult-to-open design in which opening requires a pair of heavy-duty scissors, a […]