Custom Packaging

24Mar 2020

Millions of people across the globe receive, purchase, and create packages every single day. From food packaging to beauty packaging, each packaging has a unique need for their materials and performance. As 2020 keeps moving along, so does the introduction of custom, smart packaging inventions.  But what is “smart” packaging? A highly technical solution for […]

31Jul 2019

If you’ve watched television, shopped online or walked down the aisles of any store lately, you know back-to-school season is upon us once again. That means it’s time for kids and parents to stock up on items they’ll need to be ready to return to school in just a few weeks. Consumer spending is expected […]

18Jul 2018

In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of creative packaging in order to stand out and grab consumer attention amongst competitors. With most digital media being streamed through the internet, it is crucial for the DVD and Blu-ray industry to have something special to motivate consumers to purchase their tangible box sets. To inspire […]